The latest build, 1810, of System Center Configuration Manager (SCCM) Current Branch is now available.

As always it is currently being rolled out and may become available in your In-Console update within the next few weeks, and if you do not want to wait you can use the now famous script available here

As part of the new capabilities:

  • the high availability has been improved by allowing both Central Administration and child sites to have an active/passive mode for the site server (this capability was added in 1806 for standalone sites). The passive node can be hosted either on-premises or on Azure
  • the task sequences now support the configuration of the boundary groups when the TS has to get content
  • Updates deployment now support the use of phased deployment
  • the native SCCM task sequence now allows you to reimage and re-prevision existing device as an Azure AD joined using Autopilot
  • The ‘repair’ option is now available for Windows Installer or Script Installer deployments

And many more.

Enjoy Smile