With the latest update of System Center Configuration Manager (SCCM) Current Branch (build 1810), it is now possible to repair installed application from the Software Center.

The option ‘Allow end-users to attempt to repair this application’ need to be enabled when you deploy the application


Once your new application is created and available in the SCCM console you need to edit it and reach the Deployment Type tab to add the ‘repair’ program in the Programs tab (otherwise the repair option will not show up)


For existing deployment, you need to update the deployment option to enable it as well as do the same as above (add the repair program)


We can imagine this will be improve in a near future with the ‘repair program’ being either automatically prepopulated (in case of MSI package) or available in the ‘Add application’ wizard.

Once the option is enabled, end-user will have the ability to repair installed application